Gold Membership

£350 per month

The Gold Membership programme is a full concierge service, which provides the client with a dedicated lifestyle manager and a personalised one-to-one experience as and when it is needed. Your manager will be available from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, on hand each day and organising your private and social life – travel, restaurants, nightlife and accommodation. You will receive access to exclusive up-and-coming events and VIP hospitality tickets such as sporting, music, film premieres and galas. All of which can be accessed through your personal concierge lifestyle manager. Furthermore, you will have full access to the Goldbrooke newsletter, keeping you up to date with our news and events throughout the year.

Platinum Membership

£600 a month

The Platinum Membership is the perfect solution for those who desire that ‘little bit more’. Complete with the entirety of the Gold Membership contents, this package supplies the client with a dedicated lifestyle manager every day of the week. It also provides you with information about tailored-events surrounding your personal interests. In addition, you will receive invitations to our exclusive Platinum members events, dinners and parties. This also involves elite access to the latest venues and events openings across London.

Corporate Membership


This package offers the same level of service as Platinum Membership, but for an average of 4 staff or board members.

Diamond Membership


The Diamond Membership is the most elite of the Goldbrooke packages, including all that is offered in the Platinum.

This membership level is by invitation only, and is only available to those enrolled in the Platinum membership programme. Eligible members that are selected by our board will be invited to upgrade to the Diamond Membership and enjoy the extraordinary benefits it possesses. In addition, they will be granted complimentary access to some of the most prestigious events in London.

White Label Solution


Any company in the service industry, regardless of size, would benefit from their own concierge. Few have the resources or expertise to implement this in-house. Here at Goldbrooke, we can create a ‘White-Labelled’ solution that allows you to provide our leading global lifestyle management services under your own brand.

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Perfectly located for the City’s financial district yet within easy reach of the West End, Cheval Three Quays provides an unequalled setting on London’s North Bank right next to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and river Thames.

The River View Two Bedroom Apartments provide guests with fabulous views and sumptuous living space overlooking the Thames, the Shard and HMS Belfast as well as the William Pye rooftop water feature.